With its characteristic Peugeot brand design, the 301 combines elegance and strength.


The 301 asserts a style that is uniquely Peugeot. With its elegant design, its hallmark shape, its harmonious lines, and its chrome accentsi, it blends modernity, strength, and sophistication. Its assertive front, its sleek profile, and a shape that is firm on the ground hinting at its outstanding ability and effective hold on the road.



The strength and the quality of design of the 301's design were the main preoccipations of the brand's engineers in their quest to best adapt it to its road environment. This is evidenced in its ground clearance, the special attention paid to the holding system of components in direct contact with the exterior, and the installation of a double seal to restrict dust from entering.


1- 16" SPAi aluminium wheel rim

2 - 15" HARVEYi aluminium wheel rim

3 - 15" HOBARTi wheel cover

4 - 15" BOREi wheel cover