4008 SUV



With its 4008 SUV, Peugeot is offering a blend of style and stability. Compact and easy to handle, this 4x4 is as at ease off-road as it is on city streets.





The 4008 is equipped as standard with an audio system comprising an integrated CD reader and MP3 decoder, connected to 4 or 6 loudspeakers (including 2 tweeters)i. It has 4 musical-ambiance settings and 3 types of acoustic fields, as well as a frequency and speaker dephasing adjustment equaliser.
As an option, the 4008 can integrate the Hi-Fi Rockford Fosgate package. This top-of-the-range system connected to a 710W amplifier comes with 8 loudspeakers distributed around the car's interior, and a subwoofer located in the boot. It perfectly captures high-fidelity sound which follows the vehicle's speed.



Inside the 4008, passengers have plenty of space for their legs and generous head room that allows them lots of freedom of movement. The 4008 also offers comfort that matches the level found in well-equipped sedans for both driver and passengers: numerous storage spaces, manual or automatic air-conditioningi, a cooled glove compartment, a 12-volt socket, electrical seating and window controls. As an option, a Hi-Fi system and glass panoramic roof enhance the feeling of interior comfort.



In the Peugeot tradition, the 4008 adds high-level road handling to its outstanding comfort. It owes this versatility to the quality of its powertrains as well as its 3 driving modes to suit for any situation. In the 4x4 (4WD) mode, the distribution of the torque between the front and rear wheel drives is managed automatically, thus ensuring optimised road handling in any conditions. On a good-quality, dry asphalt road, choose mode 2 front-wheel drive mode (2WD) and optimise both the handling of your 4008 and your fuel consumption. Lastly, for reduced-traction conditions (ice, sand, mud, etc.), choose the 4WD LOCK mode: the system transmits up to 1.5 times more torque to the rear wheels than in automatic mode and helps you to overcome the difficulty at a low speed.


The Peugeot 4008 is equipped with an audio warning for front and rear parkingi: 4 integrated sensors in the front and 4 in the rear thus detect any obstacles and warn the driver by means of an audio warning. To complement these audio warnings, a park-assist camerai is automatically activated between the rear bumpers and the obstacle as well as the vehicle's general direction. The driver can consequently carry out the manoevre with greater safety.



The 4008 offers Stop & Start technology for the 1.6L 115hp, 1.6L HDi FAP 115hp, and 1.8L HDi FAP 150hp. Quick, effective, and quiet, this technology enables consumption to be controlled while lowering CO2 emissions. The pleasure of using it is at a maximum because of the engine stopping and restarting almost immediately and without any vibrations, whenever conditions necessitate it.