The 4008 offers a level of elegance and well-being to the driver as well as the passengers that matches that found in the best sedans.



For the interior, meticulous care has been paid to the styling of each detail and to using excellent-quality materials. The chrome finishes, the foamy texture of the dashboard, the lacquered black finish of the central console, or the instrument panel visor, all affirm the status-giving character of the 4008. This elegance goes hand in hand with outstanding technological sense. The instrument panel, which is backlit both day and night, incorporates round, deep-set gauges, which give a dynamic look and facilitate the reading of information. The amber or colour multifunction screeni reinforces this high-tech feel. Audio functions, cruise control, and the Bluetooth hands-free kit can be operated from the padded or leather-trimmed steering wheel.



By day, the panoramic glass sunroofi brings much light to the inside of the car and a feeling of space and well-being, both in the front and back. By night, amber-coloured LED ambient lighting, with adjustable intensity, contributes to the visual comfort of passengers.



The Peugeot 4008 offers manual or automatic mono-zone air-conditioningi with a pollen and dust filter. To optimise thermal comfort inside the car's interior, the panoramic roof is fitted with a one-touch electric shutter to maintain a comfortable temperature, and the rear windows are dark tintedi. Finally, the driver and passenger sets can be heated to 2 levelsi.



The 4008 is equipped as standard with an audio system comprising an integrated CD reader and MP3 decoder, connected to 4 or 6 loudspeakers (including 2 tweeters)i. It has 4 musical-ambiance settings and 3 types of acoustic fields, as well as a frequency and speaker dephasing adjustment equaliser.
As an option, the 4008 can integrate the Hi-Fi Rockford Fosgate package. This top-of-the-range system connected to a 710W amplifier comes with 8 loudspeakers distributed around the car's interior, and a subwoofer located in the boot. It perfectly captures high-fidelity sound which follows the vehicle's speed.



Inside the 4008, passengers have plenty of space for their legs and generous head room that allows them lots of freedom of movement. The 4008 also offers comfort that matches the level found in well-equipped sedans for both driver and passengers: numerous storage spaces, manual or automatic air-conditioningi, a cooled glove compartment, a 12-volt socket, electrical seating and window controls. As an option, a Hi-Fi system and glass panoramic roof enhance the feeling of interior comfort.



The front seats can be adjusted for length, height, and angle. In the back, seat-back adjustment controls are also offered. One simple touch suffices to divide the seats 40/60 or to fold up the back seats in order to free up some large boot space.



The luggage boot offers 442 litresi in water, which can be extended to 1,219 litres in water once the backs of the rear seats have been lowered.


The 4008 offers a range of interior trims, to create a warm and refined atmosphere inside the car:

  • Quest fabric
  • Tri-material Trekking
  • Black leatheri
  • Grey leatheri