The 4008 is fitted with high-performance and practical equipment for a pleasurable and comfortable driving experience.



To faciliate starting the car and making manoeuvres on a slope, Hill Assist technology immobilises the vehicle very briefly (around 2 seconds), the time it takes to move from the brake pedal to the accelerator.



The 4008 can be fitted with a colour navigation systemi. It includes a European navigation for following the correct route, an MP3 CD radio, a 7" colour screen, a Bluetooth® hands-free kit, and a USB jack/socket under the central armrest for connecting your portable equipment. For connecting to the USB socket, all relevant information is posted on the multifunction screen and access to different functions can be carried out from the wheel.



In the Peugeot tradition, the 4008 adds high-level road handling to its outstanding comfort. It owes this versatility to the quality of its powertrains as well as its 3 driving modes to suit for any situation. In the 4x4 (4WD) mode, the distribution of the torque between the front and rear wheel drives is managed automatically, thus ensuring optimised road handling in any conditions. On a good-quality, dry asphalt road, choose mode 2 front-wheel drive mode (2WD) and optimise both the handling of your 4008 and your fuel consumption. Lastly, for reduced-traction conditions (ice, sand, mud, etc.), choose the 4WD LOCK mode: the system transmits up to 1.5 times more torque to the rear wheels than in automatic mode and helps you to overcome the difficulty at a low speed.



The 4008 replaces a normal key with electronic recognition (Hands-Free Open and Go). With this, while keeping the identifier in his or her pocket (or handbag), the driver can open the vehicle, start then stop it by simply pressing the Start/Stop button. On leaving the vehicle, a simple press on the "push" button located on the front door handles or in the boot suffices to lock the doors.i



The Peugeot 4008 is equipped with an audio warning for front and rear parkingi: 4 integrated sensors in the front and 4 in the rear thus detect any obstacles and warn the driver by means of an audio warning. To complement these audio warnings, a park-assist camerai is automatically activated between the rear bumpers and the obstacle as well as the vehicle's general direction. The driver can consequently carry out the manoevre with greater safety.