RCZ Coupé



With its exclusive design and top-end equipment, the RCZ sports coupe offers unrivalled driving sensations.




The new grille of the RCZ is extended on either side with a 6-LED lighting signature, visible during the day as well as at night. The smoothly contoured spotlights, available in an aluminium-overlay halogen version or a Titanium-overlay Xenon directional versioni, create a modern and technological look.


So that everyone can express their personality, while highlighting the RCZ's elegant and contemporary character, there are many customising choices available.
Shiny black side-mirror caps, lacquered black grille bar, new decals, and new 19" alloy wheels make for some unique and distinctive variations of the RCZ.
The Pack Black option offers side-mirrors, grilles bars, arches, and brake calipers all in black.



Inside the interior, meticulous care has been paid to the style of each part and to using excellent-quality materials. The leather upholsteryi with its double top-stitching; the use of satin-chrome inserts and full-grain leather; the flowing gear level surround embellished with a lacquered black finish; every one of these details reinforces the distinctive and contemporary world of the RCZ. 



The RCZ can be equipped with the following interactive telematic systems:                                 

  •  Nav Plus WIP technologyi which offers navigation with a high-resolution 7" screen, with a perspective view and European maps. This system is also fitted with a front-loading MP3-compatible CD reader, a tri-tuner car radio, a Bluetooth® connection (hands-free kit and audio streaming), USB jacks and sockets, as well as information about current speed limits on the major routes. Arkamys audio processing®i improves listening quality by adapting the sound source to the number of occupants. The instruments and/or voices are diffused throughout the interior.                                                                                                                            
  • 3D WIP Comi high-end technology which offers 3D mapping on a hard drive, a CD and DVD reader, and a Juke Box function with 10 Go.           


The "engine tune" has been specially designed, thanks to the Sound Systemi technology which enables different sounds to be given off depending on the rhythm of the engine. This acoustic atmosphere is enhanced by the quality of the acoustic windscreen and outstanding vibration behaviour.


The Peugeot Connecti unit looks out for you in the event of an accident. It takes care of automatically calling emergency services if the airbags or pyrotechnic seatbelts are used. You can also make a manual emergency-services call thanks to the SOS button located on the dashboard. The vehicle will then be localised and relevant assistance will be dispatched immediately.