The elegance of its shapes, the feeling of every detail, precise ergonomics… everything has been thought of so that every moment spent inside the RCZ will be an exceptional one.



The dashboard, with a sleek and polished style, is entirely covered with an innovative smooth technical texture, or covered with leatheri. It is enhanced by aluminium insertsi on the centre console. The coupé's sporty design is consolidated by the background of the instrument panel dials, in a brushed metal and carbon design.



Inside the interior, meticulous care has been paid to the style of each part and to using excellent-quality materials. The leather upholsteryi with its double top-stitching; the use of satin-chrome inserts and full-grain leather; the flowing gear level surround embellished with a lacquered black finish; every one of these details reinforces the distinctive and contemporary world of the RCZ. 


The driver's seat was studied in order to bring an optimal level of comfort to the driver and unparalleled driving pleasure. 
The bucket-seat style sport seats embrace the shape of the car's body, and the low driver's position allows the RCZ's driving quality to be appreciated. The driving wheel and all the controls are ideally positioned within hand's reach, leaving full concentration to be focused on the road.


The RCZ comes with a choice of 12 interior trims. These include the two-tone full Frisson Mistral leatheri, Nappa Mistral and Alcantara Storm leatheri, and two-tone Cohiba Mistral leatheri



In harmony with the front seats, the two back seats have been designed with special care. Because it provides more room, the double-bubble roof offers a comfortable space for passengers. For easier access, the Access to Rear Seats (APA) memorises the positions of the back of the front seats, and automatically returns to it when the seats are put back in place.



The new RCZ provides boot space that is unexpected with a coupé. In fact, its boot offers a spacious capacity of 384 litres (in water equivalency and 321 dm3 in VDA standard), boosted by storage spaces underneath its floor. If the backs of the rear seats are lowered, the volume of the boot can reach 760 litres of water (639 dm3 in VDA standard). 
Meticulous finishes are shown in the side trims and the boot's floor which are carpetted, and in the netting's tie-down rings which are chrome-plated.