The new RCZ taps into all of Peugeot's know-how in order to provide a high-quality driving experience, in all safety.


The ESP (Electronic Stability Programme)i connects the Dynamic Stability Control (DSC) with the Traction Control System (TCS). The DSC enables the outset of any oversteering or understeering to be detected and generates corrective action to maintain the course that was initially requested by the driver. The traction control system (TCS), working on the engine drive and brakes, enables the vehicle's traction and control to be maintained, in all situations.


To safeguard the safety of the car's occupants even in serious difficulties, the RCZ is equipped in series with a complete, powerful, and resistant braking system, with ABS, electronic brake force distribution (EBFD), and emergency braking assistance (EBA).
The anti-braking system (ABS) controls the car's path during emergency braking. It is assisted by the emergency braking assistance (EBA) which amplifies the braking pressure and reduces the stopping distance to a minimum. The electronic brake force distribution (EBFD) manages the braking wheel by wheel for greater effectiveness, notably when braking on bends. The power steering, too, ensures that the driver has optimal balance in all situations.



Integrated into the ESP in all vehicles equipped with a mechanical gear box, intelligent traction control is a sophisticated traction-control system which enables the vehicle to move off and drive efficiently on slippery road surfaces (ice, snow, waterlogged conditions, etc.). In these type of conditions, it automatically adapts its strategy by authorising more or less traction on each of the front wheels, in order to favour good motor ability and handling on the road.



The tyre under-inflation detectori enables the wheel in question to be localised with two levels of alert: under-inflation or puncture.


The RCZ is equipped with 2 front driver and passenger airbags and 2 side thorax/lap airbags to ensure effective protection in the event of a collision.



Thanks to its lower centre of gravity, its strengthened powertrains, its wider tracks, and its generous 18" (235 x 45 R18W) or 19" (235 x 40 R19W) tyres, the RCZ has swift and agile handling while at the same time guaranteeing optimised road handling, in all types of terrain.


The Peugeot Connecti unit looks out for you in the event of an accident. It takes care of automatically calling emergency services if the airbags or pyrotechnic seatbelts are used. You can also make a manual emergency-services call thanks to the SOS button located on the dashboard. The vehicle will then be localised and relevant assistance will be dispatched immediately.