EXALT embodies the power of Peugeot design. Sitting on wide tracks and powerful rounded wheel arches, the 5-door hatchback
expresses its style over a length of 4.70m. The flat surfaces and straight lines work together to reflect strength and style.



In homage to the art of the French motor car from the twenties and thirties, its bare steel bodywork is hand-formed by a master panel beater. Bare steel is used on the body of the vehicle to accentuate its expressive lines.



The long bonnet grows out of the expressive front end, where the twin headlamps, set in the bumper, integrate the brand’s new signature lighting.

In the middle, the powerful grille emerges from the bodywork and provides the backdrop for the Peugeot lion. This is symbolic in a a number of ways on the EXALT because the animal is both the emblem of the brand and the expression of power and prestige in Chinese culture.

At the bottom, the flow of air supplying the engine is divided by beaks supporting the LED direction indicators.