Which car to choose - and how to be sure you're making the right purchase? Peugeot's car selector helps you compare the various models.
For private individuals or professionals, you're sure to find the vehicle you need in our wide range of models - from urban cars to family vehicles, from saloon cars to people carriers.


City cars

Small cars for modern cities
Whether you’re making the daily commute to work, nipping out for a spot of retail therapy or meeting up with friends, our city cars make getting round urban environments effortlessly enjoyable.



Luxury coupes & cabriolets for driving pleasure
Our stunning coupes and convertible cabriolets combine high-end luxury with sensational driving in one sleek package. Each Peugeot coupe and coupe cabriolet boasts its own sophisticated sense of style - and all make use of our innovative technology.



Electric cars – the future
Cars are our livelihood, but the environment impacts all our lives. That’s why, at Peugeot, we’ve developed a range of eco-friendly electric cars and electric vans. These innovative electric vehicles feature technologies that make it easy to get around modern towns and cities, whilst allowing you to be kinder to the environment.



Station wagons for families and professionals
Peugeot’s station wagons provide you with the practicality you need in your daily life. Our station wagon models are perfect, whether you’re driving the kids to school, popping to the supermarket or zipping off to a business meeting. Versatility is at the heart of each of our luxury station wagon models. Need more space? These cars feature modular seating systems, so you can easily fold the seats down or remove them completely.



Eco cars delivering the best of both worlds
Who says being good to the environment has to mean reduced performance? Our hybrid car range provides you with both high performance and eco-friendly driving through our HYbrid4 technology. These environmentally-friendly cars are powered by both a diesel engine and an electric motor to deliver high fuel efficiency and low emissions.


Small cars

Economical small cars to explore the world
Good things come in small packages. And although compact in size, our superminis are packed with technology that makes every day driving lots of fun. These small cars provide fuel efficiency, interior comfort, and the elegant exterior features Peugeot is known for.



MPVs for the everyday and the exceptional
As your family grows, your car quickly fills up with car seats and pushchairs, not to mention luggage on trips away. So it’s time to take the space back, with a Peugeot multi-purpose vehicle from our MPV range.


7 & 9 seaters

People carriers with comfort
Not enough seats for your growing brood? Or has your business outgrown your boot space? Our 7 & 9 seater cars deliver all this and more. Whether you need a 7 seater car for business purposes or a 9 seater car to accommodate your family, there’s a Peugeot people carrier for you.


Family cars

Family cars that balance fun and functionality
Here at Peugeot, we believe that practicality doesn’t mean the end of great driving experiences. And with small people carriers, mini-MPVs, compact MPVs and family hatchback cars in our range, there’s a vehicle for every family – and every driver.



Crossover cars for the modern family
Stylish without compromising practicality, Peugeot’s crossover SUV range delivers the best of both worlds. They’re compact, yet spacious. Rugged, but luxurious. Enjoyable and efficient. Whether you’re zipping round modern cities or challenging the great outdoors, there’s a Peugeot crossover car for you and your family.


Hot Hatch Range

Hot hatchbacks for powerful performance
Combining sporty style with mighty performance, Peugeot’s range of hot hatch cars delivers high thrills every time you take to the road. These hot hatches turn heads with sleek lines, glistening chrome and distinctive alloy wheels. All of Peugeot’s usual style is backed up with plenty of substance too.