The spaciousness and the quality of the 301's internal equipment brings the maximum level of comfort to both the driver and passengers.



The 301's handset features a monochrome display which sets out all of the on-board computer's data, information about the journey as well as related reportsi. Chrome rings are available for a more distinctive looki.



The 301's boot boasts a total capacity of 506 litres in VDA 210 standards (640 litres of water). Its geometrical design makes it accessible and particularly generous. An ingenious space below the bottom of the boot also enables standard or legally required items to be stored (box of bulbs, triangle, etc.).



Two types of air-conditioningi are offered with the 301: manual or electronic. The optimised positions of the air vents improves their efficiency. The electronic air-conditioning includes a special "A/C Max" button which allows you to obtain maximum cooling in the shortest amount of time.



Front armresti, centre console, front-door pockets, and glove compartment: so many astute storage areas which make travelling easier. A practical removable ashtray is also available.



Two types of air-conditioningi are offered with the 301: manual or electronic. Both benefit from rear ducts which circulate heat better. Electrical heating elements enhance the heating's efficiency, and heated seatsi heighten thermal comfort in the car.



The 301 offers the most spaces in the back for its category. Special care has been taken to offer the passengers optimal comfort. The front seats in their turn combine style and comfort.



The backs of the rear seating, split in 2/3 - 1/3i, can be folded in a straightforward and intuitive way. One simple movement using one hand is enough to complete the action using the folding controls located at the top of each of the two parts of the back of the rear seat. This saves time for optimised use.


There are 6 different trims offered with the 301:
1 - Spy half-leather
2 - Oza Lama fabric
3 - Oza Mistral fabric
4 - Oline Lama fabric
5 - Oline Mistral fabric
6 - Isar Mistral fabric